Pisac, Cusco, Peru UFO

Pisac, Cusco, Peru UFO

Adriano Forgione reported on March 9, 1999, about a captivating photograph (left) sent by their Udine correspondent. The photo, captured by Silvia Z., shows a golden object hovering above the Inca ruins of Pisaq in Peru. This intriguing event occurred on August 16, 1998, during Silvia's vacation in Peru. Notably, the object also appears in the negative film. Extensive analysis, both in the photo laboratory and with computer experts, found no faults in the film or the development process. If this photo is authentic, it suggests the presence of a light craft or "Apu," as the Incas referred to them, possibly signifying spiritual significance. P.S. Please excuse my imperfect English. Adriano Forgione, Head Journalist, Notiziario UFO (Rome, Italy)

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