Yungay, Ancash, Peru UFO

Yungay, Ancash, Peru UFO

In 1967, Augusto Arranda embarked on a trek through the mountains near Yungay, Peru, armed with a borrowed camera from his friend Cesar Ore. The circumstances surrounding the photographs remain a mystery, and these pictures came to light serendipitously. Ufologist Richard Greenwell of APRO received one printout from a Kodak employee, but the exact details of the event were unknown. APRO's efforts to trace the photos' origins led to the discovery that a Kodak Peruana S.A. laboratory employee had violated company rules by making unauthorized copies during development. Kodak managers, however, seized the photo before APRO could reach the employee. Ultimately, APRO obtained the photos in 1969 from Eastman Kodak's International Markets Division in Rochester, New York, though they couldn't trace them back to their original source. The Peruvian Ministry of the Navy later revealed that the photos were taken in Yungay and that there were four in total. APRO managed to acquire the remaining three images retained by Kodak Peruana S.A. via Cesar Ore, who had received copies from Augusto Arranda himself. Despite verifying Arranda's existence as the photographer, APRO struggled to locate him for more information. The investigation was further complicated by a devastating earthquake that struck Yungay, causing extensive destruction and significant loss of life. Original prints of the photographs are held in the United States, and while several scientists have examined them, a comprehensive analysis has been hindered by the absence of the negatives and the eyewitness.

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