Trindade, Brazil UFO

Trindade, Brazil UFO

As the Almirante Saldanha prepared for its return trip to Rio de Janeiro, anchored off Trindade's south coast, a startling event unfolded. 48 crew members and passengers, including Almiro Barauna, a civilian renowned for underwater photography, witnessed an object approaching the island. Barauna recounted the incident to João Martins of 0 Cruzeiro magazine: Amidst the commotion on deck, the object approached from the sky, emitting flashes of light, drawing the attention of all on board. Barauna, finally locating the object silhouetted against the clouds, captured the UFO with his Rolleiflex 2.8 camera. It glittered intermittently, and the camera clicked twice before it disappeared behind Desejado Peak. Barauna's camera settings resulted in an overexposure error, but the mysterious object reappeared, flying lower and closer than before. Despite the chaos and interference from others trying to observe, he managed to photograph the object once more as it briefly stopped in mid-air. The object then continued its journey, diminishing in size until it disappeared on the horizon. The object itself was solid, gray, and metallic, surrounded by a greenish haze, with a ring running through its midsection, bearing a resemblance to a flattened version of the planet Saturn. Shaken by the experience, Barauna retrieved the film from his camera but waited an hour before processing it. Together with Capt. Viegas, they entered the ship's darkroom, and after a tense examination, Cmdr. Bacellar confirmed the presence of the UFO's image. Subsequently, other witnesses attested that the object in the photographs matched what they had observed that day.

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