Project Roadmap

People from around the world are beginning to recognize that UFOs are an important phenomenon, worthy of study. We hope this platform will encourage more people to take note of what's happening, and that by doing so we can become a catalyst for more widespread interest in the subject.

Our Goals

  1. Add structure to the UFO topic.
  2. Expand UFO awareness and grow the UFO community.
  3. Promote a positive atmosphere to learn about and discuss UFOs.

How We're Different

  • We promote other creators and platforms.
  • We're focused on the concept of community.
  • We believe in transparency and user privacy.

Phase I - Launched 2023

Nothing too flashy yet, but you're seeing the beginning of a UFO app that's unlike anything you've come across before.

Phase II (Under Development) - Arriving 2024

We're currently enhancing functionality, building the datasets, and testing new community features that will be expanded upon in Phase III.

Phase III (Planning) - TBD

This is where the fun starts! Stay tuned.


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