Cordoba, Argentina UFO

Cordoba, Argentina UFO

On July 3, 1960, while driving from Yacanto to Cordoba, then Captain Niotti encountered an unusual event amidst inclement weather, typical of the area in mid-winter. In the vicinity of Villa General Belgrano, approximately 70 kilometers from Cordoba, he navigated a wide S-curve when he suddenly noticed a peculiar object hovering near the ground to his right. Alarmed by this sight, he promptly stopped the car and grabbed his camera, conveniently placed on the seat next to him. He moved a short distance away from the car and managed to take a photograph of the slow-moving object. As he prepared to take a second shot, the object swiftly accelerated and vanished into the low-hanging clouds. The entire episode lasted about 40 seconds and unfolded in eerie silence, amplified by the adverse weather conditions and the abruptness of the encounter. The surreal atmosphere left Capt. Niotti feeling perplexed and disoriented. He resumed his journey to Cordoba and later had the film developed. Capt. Niotti described the object he had witnessed as conical, standing 7 to 8 meters tall with a base diameter of 3 to 4 meters. Its axis was nearly parallel to the ground, and its base faced the witness. The object hovered at a distance of 80 to 100 meters from him, moving slowly southward at an estimated speed of 10 kilometers per hour while rotating gradually. It then executed a remarkably swift acceleration, reaching approximately 200 kilometers per hour in just 3 or 4 seconds before disappearing into the low cloud cover. The sudden, noiseless acceleration, especially given his proximity, puzzled the witness. The object displayed a consistent dark gray color, featured a seamlessly smooth surface without visible joints or rivets, and bore a distinct metallic appearance.

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