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2015 Gimbal Video
Learn about the 2014 Gimbal video and more in our Intro to UFOs.

We launched The UFO Database in early 2023 because we think there's a need for a website that aggregates information about UFOs in a way that is evidence-based and reaches a mainstream audience.

A great way to get a sense of our ethos and approach is to check out the Intro to UFOs section of The UFO Database. These pages look at UFOs through the lens of history; they examine human activity and hoaxes; and ultimately take you to the modern era. In the end, you'll probably end up with more questions than answers, but that's the nature of the subject!

Over the past five years we've noticed a discernible shift in attitude about UFOs. Thanks to seminal articles in the New York Times, and to the dogged efforts of pilots, journalists, policy makers and citizens, the subject of UFOs has become less stigmatized. We think this is a serious subject matter that warrants more investigation, and recent events have provided more evidence that supports this conclusion.

UFOs for the rest of us

Kenneth Arnold
1947 Kenneth Arnold

Currently, the web is full of blogs, chat forums, "research papers," and YouTube and TikTok videos about UFOs. It's an endless rabbit hole of links and opinions and "evidence," and it can quickly devolve into some pretty wild stuff.

We think there's room for a website that approaches the subject matter in a way that will appeal to regular people who aren't researching this full-time or going to UFO gatherings in the desert. Maybe you saw an interesting article or heard an interesting story, and want to learn more. It's our goal to be a credible, neutral, reliable resource.

UFOs and Extraterrestrials

1710 Baptism of Christ
1710 Baptism of Christ

When exploring the subject of UFOs, it's really important to differentiate between two key concepts: UFOs and what is known as the "Extraterrestrial Hypothesis." Here at The UFO Database.com, we are devoting ourselves to exploring the subject of UFOs. What are the types and descriptions of UFO incidents? What is the history of related incidents? Are there patterns? Are there common earthly explanations for many sightings? We are not currently devoting resources towards exploring possible extraterrestrial explanations for UFOs - The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis - despite our fascination with what's possible.

Who we are

We are a small group of business people, coders, designers, and even a school teacher! We have all come to the subject of UFOs in the course of living our normal lives - driving kids to school, working at our jobs, and reading the news and listening to the radio.

We consider ourselves open-minded, analytical, and also gently skeptical. To this end, we think there's ample evidence that a small percentage of UFO incidents - modern and historical - are not easily explained by earthly means. We find these incidents endlessly fascinating and fun to explore, and it's our mission to share them with you, and help you explore them as well.


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