Ways to contribute.

This is just the beggining! Let's make that awesome UFO platform that we've all talked about.

There is an enormous amount of UFO data located around the world. That data is sitting in archives and folders, videos and film, an on countless websites that are trying to get the word out.

Our goal is to collect this information into a system that can intelligently organize, connect, and communicate the data for anyone that's UFO-curious. To accomplish this, we could use your help. The expresssion, "it takes a village" is especially true for UFOs.

1. Become a contributor.

If you have digital data to contribute (spreadsheets, pdfs, photos, videos, audio, scans, etc.) and would like to make it available on a public platform so that it can be memorialized and connected with a larger dataset, we hope to hear from you. Please visit our contributor page to get the conversation going.

2. Share UFOdatabase.com with your friends.

We're still spreading the word and can use your help. Whether that's sharing our website with your UFO enthusiast friends or backlinking to our website, it all helps!

3. Subscribe to our newsletter.

Our database is growing quickly and we're collecting incredible UFO data, photos, and videos that we want to share with you! Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

4. Get a UFO t-shirt!

Visit our Shopify store to get an original UFO t-shirt and help us spread the word about theufodatabase.com. Please reach out to us if you can make a case for a free shirt - we'd like to hook you up!

5. Consider a contribution.

We're a small group of UFO enthusiasts aiming to connect and organize the many pieces of the UFO story in the hopes that it gets us a closer to the answers. If you like where we're headed and want to see more, please consider supporting our efforts with a small tip, donation, or contribution.


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