Maldonado, Uruguay UFO

Maldonado, Uruguay UFO

At 10:30 A.M. on July 26, 1977, Sergio Ottamendi, a 32-year-old architect residing in Punta del Norte, and a married father of two, was driving his Opel K 180 along a secondary road between the localities of Maldonado and San Carlos, roughly 20 kilometers apart, en route to San Carlos. Approximately 4 kilometers north of Maldonado, his car's engine began sputtering and losing power, causing concern for Mr. Ottamendi. However, after a brief hiccup, the engine started running more smoothly, easing his worries. As he continued his journey towards San Carlos, the engine trouble resurfaced, eventually stalling completely after covering just about 200 more meters. Ottamendi stepped out of the car to inspect the engine when, to his astonishment, he looked up to the sky and spotted a silvery-gold metallic circular object. Upon realizing his camera was in the car, he swiftly retrieved it and began taking photographs.

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