Florida, Uruguay UFO

Florida, Uruguay UFO

At approximately 3:30 PM on July 11, 1977, Hector Rufino Delgado, a 29-year-old horticulturist in Florida, Uruguay, experienced a remarkable encounter. Despite it being winter, the day was splendid with a nearly cloudless sky and spring-like temperatures. A gentle breeze blew in from the east as Sr. Delgado worked in his greenhouse. Suddenly, he heard a high-pitched humming sound, similar to that of an electric motor or a fan, but he initially paid it little attention. The humming varied in intensity, increasing and decreasing in waves. After a minute, it returned to an audible level, but with a slightly sharper tone. Curiosity led Sr. Delgado to investigate the source of the sound. He set down his tools and headed to the doorway. Roughly 200 meters away and just 50 meters above the ground, he spotted a silver disc-shaped object suspended in the air, moving smoothly. Overwhelmed by surprise, he watched as the object balanced itself a few meters above the ground. After a moment of hesitation, Delgado hurried to his house to fetch his camera, concerned that the strange object might depart. He raced back, determined to capture the moment. As he returned, the UFO had begun moving slowly to the south. Delgado tried to take a photograph, but trees obstructed his view. He swiftly repositioned for a better shot. As he snapped the first photo, the UFO suddenly altered its speed and trajectory, initiating climbing maneuvers and ascending rapidly above the ground.

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