Florida, Uruguay UFO

Florida, Uruguay UFO

Around 3:30 P.M. on July 11th, 1977, Sr. Hector Rufino Delgado, a horticulturist in Florida, Uruguay, experienced an unusual encounter. While working in his greenhouse on a clear, almost spring-like day, he heard a high-pitched humming sound reminiscent of an electric motor or a ventilator. Initially dismissing it, the sound persisted and intensified, drawing his attention. Roughly 200 meters from his position, just 50 meters above the ground, he observed a silver disc-shaped object hovering smoothly in the air. Overwhelmed but curious, he rushed to get his camera, fearing the object might vanish. Delgado managed to capture a photograph as the UFO, which had initially moved slowly southward, suddenly altered its course, climbing and changing direction dramatically.

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