Tianjin, Hebei, China UFO

Tianjin, Hebei, China UFO

While researching his father's scrapbook of photographs from the China Campaign, young Japanese student Masujiro Kiryu stumbled upon a mysterious cone-shaped object hovering above a Tientsin street, just before World War II. In the photograph, several people on the street are gazing upward, with two individuals pointing at the strange object. A sidewalk photographer captured this remarkable image, which Kiryu's father acquired from a street vendor as a souvenir. The photograph's origin has sparked some debate. Some sources claim it was taken in the city of Tienjin, China, in 1911 by a Japanese journalist, while others suggest it was captured in Tiensten, Hopeh Province, China, in 1942. Additionally, in a 1982 book by Chinese ufologist Shi Bo, it is mentioned that an American on duty in northern China in 1942 photographed a black hat-shaped object hovering silently over a street, which is believed to be the same incident. This historical UFO photograph continues to intrigue enthusiasts and researchers.

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These old photos are fascinating. Seems that they would be hard to photoshop. And then there's the fact that people are pointing up at something.

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