Nagoya, Chubu, Japan UFO

Nagoya, Chubu, Japan UFO

Travel back in time to April 9, 1976, when Hirohito Tanaka's ordinary day took an extraordinary turn. At 2:00 pm, Hirohito was drawn to a peculiar sight: a small, dark, circular flying object with a raised dome at its center. The enigmatic craft was executing a low pass just above his neighbor's house roof. In a rush of excitement, he reached for his trusty Instamatic 126 camera and dashed to the balcony, where he captured the moment with seven rapid-fire shots. The domed disc defied conventional flight patterns, performing mesmerizing zig-zag and falling-leaf maneuvers in the nearby sky. While its dark complexion concealed fine details, Hirohito was struck by the otherworldly movements that no known airplane in his experience could replicate.

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