Balcarce, Buenos Aires, Argentina UFO

Balcarce, Buenos Aires, Argentina UFO

On July 19, 1974, in Balcarce, Argentina, a disc-shaped metallic flying object approached a car driven by Sr. Antonio Le Pere. At approximately 6:00 PM, Le Pere noticed the enigmatic craft maintaining pace with him, hovering just a few hundred meters to his left and a mere 10 meters above the ground. He decelerated his car, hastily preparing his camera to capture a photograph before the object began to ascend and departed. Le Pere took the pictures through the open window on the driver's side, shooting over his left arm while steering. The craft exhibited a smooth, coppery-brownish exterior with a reflective finish akin to metal or a hybrid of metal and ceramic. A raised dome adorned the top surface, accompanied by a reddish glow encircling the rim or along the rim's edge. The object's steady flight path suggested intelligent control.

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