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Canary Island UFO
1976 Canary Islands
Calvine, Scotland UFO
1990 Scotland
North China Sea UFO
2020 North China Sea
Chile UFO
2022 Chile
Calvine, Scotland UFO
1990 Calvine, Perthshire, Scotland. Purported to show a UFO being surveilled by a military craft. This is considered to be one of the best UFO photos taken to date and was released in 2022 by the Ministry of Defence per the "30 year rule".

UFOs are not unique to the United States. In fact, some of the best reports originate from other parts of the world.

Florence, Italy

In 1954, over 10,000 spectators at a soccer game witnessed multiple "large egg-shaped" craft, like "cuban cigars", that were "glowing". The UFOs moved slowly into a position over the field, stopped, and hovered in place. Fibrous material was found near the objects, which was similar to spider web filament. » Read more

Cangzhou, China

Two military jets were sent to intercept a low-flying UFO that appeared over a military airbase in 1998. The object was said to resemble a "short-legged mushroom" and had two beams of light projecting from the bottom. The object quickly ascended and disappeared from radar when the jets approached.

Tehran, Iran

In 1976, a UFO was seen on radar and military pilots visually sighted an object. During the encounter, the pilots reported losing function and communications as they approached. One of the aircraft experienced a temporary weapons systems failure as they prepared to fire. » Read more

Varginha, Brazil

There were multiple UFO sightings around Varginha, Brazil in 1996, and a UFO crash reportedly occurred outside of the city. Multiple witnesses have gone on the record to discuss the incident, including children, military personnel, and emergency responders.


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