Stanton T. Friedman

Nuclear Physicist & Ufologist
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A nuclear physicist who became a full-time ufologist and was the first civilian to investigate the Roswell incident.

Before Stanton T. Friedman became a professional ufologist, he'd spent 14 years working as a nuclear physicist for a variety of well-known companies. Friedman would eventually write more than 80 papers on the topic of UFOs, give hundreds of lectures, and take part in multiple television and radio programs. Furthermore, Friedman joined two congregations of the United Nations and wrote testimony for Congressional hearings.

Throughout his career, Friedman preferred the term "flying saucer" over the label "UFO." He explained this choice stating, "Flying saucers are, by definition, unidentified flying objects, but very few unidentified flying objects are flying saucers. I am interested in the latter, not the former."

After the Roswell incident, Friedman became the first civilian to investigate it. Based on his findings, he believed that it was an authentic crash of an alien spaceship. Friedman supported the notion that alien life form have visited Earth from comparatively nearby star systems.


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