Jesse Marcel

U.S. Army & Air Force
Lieutenant Colonel i
Source: Wiki

Lieutenant Colonel with the United States Army investigated the Roswell incident, claimed that in his estimate the debris he retrieved from the Roswell crash was extraterrestrial.

The first military officer on site to investigate the Roswell wreckage July 1947 was Jesse Marcel. Later that night, he drove some of the wreckage home and woke up his ten-year-old son, Jesse Jr., to look at the material that his father said he would probably never see again.

Jesse Jr. recalled seeing a tiny beam of sorts containing purple-tinted hieroglyphic-like symbols. Soon, Marcel was stating the government's official story of a crashed high-altitude weather balloon. However, in a 1970 interview with ufologist Stanton Friedman, Marcel claimed that the material he had recovered at Roswell was extraterrestrial in nature. Both father and son avowed up until the time of their deaths that the crash at Roswell was otherworldly.


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