Gerald Anderson

U.S. Navy & Microbiologist
Source: Youtube

Claimed to have witnessed the Roswell incident and recovered alien bodies as a small boy.

Gerald Anderson, a former Navy SEAL, alleged that he was a child and present at the time of the 1947 Roswell incident. According to Anderson, he was 5 years old when he saw a large, silver disc that had crashed along the plains of St. Augustine, New Mexico. Furthermore, Anderson attested to witnessing alien bodies at the site. "I remember huge black eyes. You could see their muscles move," he said. "They were not human, and I'll maintain that until the day I die. God only knows where they were from or how far they were from home. Their toy was broke and their situation seemed impossible."

Anderson claimed that the military were not surprised by the discovery and that they arrived quickly to recover the two crashed ships and alien bodies. In regards to people's skepticism, Anderson proclaimed, "All unusual claims require unusual evidence. Until a piece of physical evidence in found, nobody's going to believe this. It's got to be that way and is always going to be that way."

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