Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany UFO

Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany UFO

Around midday on July 11, 1977, Herr Dieter Croll was strolling through a rural area near Wurzburg when he unexpectedly spotted a shining, silver metallic object gliding through the clear blue sky. The flying apparatus resembled a thick disc with fully rounded rim edges. It had a flat bottom and a curved dome with a prominent, almost flat, cupola on top. The entire object appeared solid and opaque, seemingly crafted in one piece, without visible windows, ports, or any features interrupting its sleek contours. Its surface was highly reflective, akin to polished chrome or a mirror. The disc measured seven to 10 meters in diameter and moved gracefully among scattered, small white clouds with bases at altitudes ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 feet above the ground. With the gentle breeze and a clear atmosphere, Dieter Croll readied his camera and managed to capture six clear photographs of the object as it glided through the sky above.

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