Huy, Wallonia, Belgium UFO

Huy, Wallonia, Belgium UFO

The Report: Dear Sir, I am sending you a photograph of a true UFO, which was given to me by my former music professor. This picture was taken by one of his students during the Belgian UFO wave in Huy, a small city near Liège. The student reported seeing and photographing a strange aircraft on top of the citadel. Regrettably, I cannot provide more details. I previously sent this photograph to Mr. Bougard, the president of SOBEPS, inquiring if any analysis could be done. He replied that without the original negative, it would not be possible. I have scanned the photograph at 300ppi using Photoshop, but even after experimenting with various filters, I was unable to discern any more details. During the Belgian UFO wave, I had three sightings myself. Although my memories from that time are somewhat hazy (I was ten years old), I can assure you that what I witnessed was not a stealth aircraft or anything else known. Best regards, [Your Name]

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