Hamburg, Germany UFO

Hamburg, Germany UFO

This photograph, allegedly taken on March 3, 1977, around 14:00 near the river Wedel in the Hamburg area, Germany, has been a subject of debate. Herr Walter Schilling claimed to have observed and photographed a flying disc with a curious rotating, fluorescent periscope-like mast. The object appeared to be very close to the ground, tilted at an angle, and casting a 30-foot shadow on the grass to its right. However, the photograph has drawn comparisons to the famous Paul Trent photographs in McMinnville from 1950. Some suggest this resemblance as evidence of a hoax, while others argue the opposite. Controversial German figure Michael Hesemann, known for publishing UFO literature as a journalist, not a ufologist, revealed in his 1998 book "The Mystery of the Unidentified Flying Objects" that Walter Schilling sent him a series of "primitive Fotocollagen" in 1981 and 1983. In June 1982, Hesemann learned that Ground Saucers Watch's opinion was that the photograph depicted a small model. Schilling, who had faced legal charges for sexual misbehavior and was in a psychiatric hospital in 1984, reportedly met with Hesemann on August 11, 1983. During this meeting, he confessed that the photograph indeed showed a small model he had constructed and photographed, calling it "a very good joke, my friend.

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