Nancy, France UFO

Nancy, France UFO

The witness's father penned a letter to Albert Ducrocq, a renowned French science journalist, recounting his son's UFO sighting and sharing the photograph. Excerpt from the letter: "On May 26, 1975, at approximately 07:45 p.m., my son Didier, who has just been seventeen years old, called me, claiming that he had just seen a UFO and that he had photographed it. His claim was received by much skepticism on my part, my wife's and my daughter's. Before closing his shutters, he saw this "thing" and, after a few seconds, he had the reflex to jump on his camera and to take a photograph. We did not speak again any more of the incident; having finished the roll and not having money to have it developped, my son put it aside... and forgot about it until last week. It was an amazement at the sight of the picture which I join to this letter." In an interview, the witness gave further details. "[The duration of the sighting was] approximately 10 to 15 seconds. It went down vertically. Then, it disappeared towards the south. It resembled an opaque black disc without any reflection nor relief, and it evolved without noise, at least, I did not hear any noise."

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