Surrey, Canada UFO

Surrey, Canada UFO

Eleven-year-old David Knutsen of Surrey kept a remarkable secret locked inside his Kodak Instamatic camera for the past 10 days. On October 15, he, a freckle-faced Grade 6 student, took a photograph of what he firmly believes to be an Unidentified Flying Object, a round silver craft emitting a soft buzzing sound near his apartment. While chatting with a friend in their apartment complex, he noticed two RCMP officers in the building's parking lot, gesturing toward the eastern sky. "It just went round and round in a circle, up and down, and then took off super fast in the sky," David recounted in an interview today. David's father, a construction worker, delayed developing the UFO photo until David had taken the remaining 19 pictures on the roll. It wasn't met with much excitement initially. "I wasn't that excited honestly," said his father. "You know how kids are. I really didn't believe it, but then I saw the picture and it was so good." The photograph, taken at 4:00 PM after David returned from Old Yale Rd. elementary school, captures a circular, almost-black object with a sharp but narrow blue glow outlining its exterior. There were no other discernible markings on the craft, which David estimated to be about 400 feet away at its closest point. The entire encounter lasted a mere three seconds, according to David. RCMP Sgt. Arnold McPherson indicated that there were no UFO reports filed at the police station, and no one had mentioned sightings. An air traffic control spokesperson at Vancouver airport also confirmed no unaccounted-for objects on ATC radar screens on October 15. David, an enthusiast of UFOs, had been reading library materials on these mysterious crafts. He insists that the October 15 sighting from his kitchen window was authentic. "A blazing white Unidentified Flying Object that roared like a jet aircraft" was reported by an RCMP officer in Turner Valley, Alta., just two days prior to David's UFO sighting in Surrey. David couldn't precisely determine the UFO's size, approximating it to be around 50 feet in diameter, though its incredible speed made it hard to be certain. The sun's gleaming light was the only illumination he observed on the craft.

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