Burbank, California UFO

Burbank, California UFO

In late February 2000, Peter Gersten reached out about a mysterious UFO photo posted on the CAUS website. After contacting the owner, Jack LeMonde, we met on March 9. The photo, dating back to June 1945 near Burbank, California, showed an unusual object above a horse's neck. It was initially considered a speck or distant plane. Jack used a Voightlander camera with high-quality optics for the shot. The photo remained in a family album for over 50 years, and the negative is lost. An FBI expert advised a chemical emulsion test, but we didn't want to harm the photo. After thorough analysis, we found no anachronistic anomalies. We also enlisted the help of Peter Stankiewicz, an experienced photo analyst, who confirmed the photo's authenticity. The original contact print was returned to Jack. We compared the UFO in Jack's photo with a similar object from a 1966 photo near Clarksburg, West Virginia. Although not authenticated, the structural resemblance is striking. Jack LeMonde, an honest individual, wished to share the photo with the public and refused any financial gain to maintain its authenticity. This photograph is likely the first confirmed image of a UFO.

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