Bremerton, Washington UFO

Bremerton, Washington UFO

Hi Yogi, (Brian) It was some 30 years ago -as I was walking into my home in Bremerton, Wa. when I saw those strange objects in the sky -hovering almost right above me .It was in a northerly direction and a little to the west from where I stood.I ran inside and got my camera-took these 2 pictures .I'm an 83 year old lady now and when I heard of Art Bells interest in UFOs I thought he might like to see them. Had to look them up in all my pictures- and I was surprised again to see how strange they looked. After they were posted -got e-mail that said they were everything from a Goodyear blimp - some testing a flying car-a Navy Drome-and someone actually said it was a UFO.Wish I had put the date on the pictures- but too late for that. My daughter will attach the photos as I have just gotten this lap top computer-have to type with one finger yet- so have a lot to learn.Thanks for your interest. Sincerely, Lorraine

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