W.W. "Mac" Brazel

Source: imdb

Farmer who first discovered the the much-speculated over debris from the Roswell incident.

W.W. "Mac" Brazel, was driving on a ranch he worked on near Roswell, New Mexico when he came across a number of pieces of debris. He later reported hearing an explosion the night before his discovery. Brazel brought the unusual material to Sheriff George Wilcox who then contacted the local military base. The Smithsonian Magazine reported that Brazel said he found "a large area of bright wreckage made up of rubber strips, tinfoil, and rather tough paper, and sticks." While the Los Angeles Times quoted Brazel saying that he had discovered two weather balloons on the ranch in the past, but this time, it was different. He asserted, "I am sure what I found was not any weather observation balloon, but if I find anything else besides a bomb they are going to have a hard time getting me to say anything about it."

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