Jeremy Corbell

Filmmaker & Ufologist
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Filmmaker and ufologist has created several documentary films on the subject of UAPs and extraterrestrial life.

Jeremy Corbell, mentored by investigative journalist George Knapp, has created multiple documentaries on UFO phenomena. His films have focused on intelligence officers who attest to having been exposed to extraterrestrial technologies, a nanophysicist who asserts he removed alien microchips from humans, an investigation into Skinwalker Ranch, and a feature-length film concerning Bob Lazar's claims.

Corbell also revealed both videos and photographs of UAPs taken by pilots which were then authenticated by the DOD. He has said, "So now we're at a place where we see these objects flying with impunity. You have Commander David Fravor with a tic tac UFO, you have all these pilots coming forward and obviously to me numerous individuals providing footage that have been confirmed by the Pentagon. So now, you know, we do know, UFOs are real. Now what they are, you know, maybe as well as I do. We all got to find out."


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