David Fravor

U.S. Navy Pilot
Source: ABCNews

Navy pilot who observed what has become known as the Tic Tac incident. Sent to fly out over the Pacific Ocean in November 2004, Fravor and team witnessed something they described as unsettling and unexplainable.

A navy fighter pilot, David Fravor, was on duty off the coast of San Diego in 2004 when he and another pilot, Alex Dietrich, observed a UAP which has become known as the Tic Tac incident. A warship's radar tracked an object moving in a peculiar pattern and asked Fravor and Dietrich to get a closer look.

They observed and video recorded a strange aircraft flying at high speeds over the water that they described shaped like a smooth Tic-Tac. The water was roiling beneath it. It was about the size of their own aircraft and had no visible propulsion systems, moving in unpredictable ways. After several minutes of observing the object, it took off when Fravor made a move towards intercepting it. David Fravor reported that "It accelerated like nothing I've ever seen." Seconds later, the object was reported 60 miles away by the USS Princeton. U.S. government officials have found no definitive evidence that what the Navy pilots witnessed are alien spacecraft, however they are unable to provide an explanation for this unidentified object.


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