2016 Mosul Orb

April 2016
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Image of the
Image of the "Mosul Orb" (video screenshot).

An image depicting a metallic orb in the foreground of footage from a U.S. spy plane has sparked interest and questions about the nature and origin of this object.

Acquired by Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, the publicly released image was taken from footage collected by a U.S. military reconnaissance aircraft over Mosul in northern Iraq on April 16, 2016 at 9:47am Coordinated Universal Time. Shared with U.S. Congressional defense and intelligence committees, the footage was part of a larger briefing provided by UAPTF - the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force. It has been reported that there exists a four second video clip of the object in motion.

According to a source confirmed by an exclusive article in The Daily Mail,[1] the briefing contained references and evidence of "dozens of videos on classified servers"[1] showing these orbs in Iraq and the Middle East.

The Daily Mail source continued, "'An operator will be zoomed in looking at a town in Syria. And all of a sudden, a little orb will go flying through the viewfinder."[1]

"'The operator's like, ''What the hell?'' And so he starts focusing on it and he just watches the orb for a while. We might get it for 30 seconds, we might watch it for 10 minutes. And then it will do something remarkable, like suddenly bolt off the screen.'"[1]

As of January 2023, the object's origin is unknown and the U.S. military investigation is still ongoing.


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Official Explanation

Official designated by U.S. government as UAP.

Counter Argument

Unidentified craft.


4 second video from a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft.

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