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American businessman and physicist Bob Lazar claimed to have worked on alien spacecraft at Area 51.

Lazar claimed the U.S government had, in its possession, UFOs from another world. However no evidence has been produced. Publicity surrounding his claims piqued public interest and brought Area 51 into the spotlight. Decades later and Bob Lazar, who some say is a self-proclaimed physicist, has never wavered on his assertion that he worked on alien spacecraft at Area 51.

Over the years, Bob has been a polarizing figure. He has passed multiple lie detector tests and some of Bob's claims have come to fruition. However, many distrust Bob as numerous details about his life cannot be verified. Bob claims to have a master's degree in physics from MIT as well as master's in electronics from CalTech. There are no records listing him as ever having attended either university. What has been found are records of his less than average high school grades and attendance at a junior college.

Los Alamos, where he said he was employed as a physicist, claimed that he had never worked there. According to Bob, the government erased his records. When Lazar took investigative reporter George Knapp through the labs, they noted how everyone appeared to be well-acquainted with him. Also, an article in a Los Alamos newspaper dated June 30, 1982, stated Lazar as a physicist at Los Alamos.

Using the pseudonym "Dennis" and keeping his face hidden, Bob Lazar became a whistle-blower for Area 51 in 1989 where he first revealed top-secret information to George Knapp of KLAS News Las Vegas. He asserted that he worked on alien spacecraft for the US Government at Area 51. Claiming to work at S-4, a highly classified facility just south of the main operations of Area 51, Bob said nine alien spacecraft were held in a hangar.

According to Bob, he was hired to reverse-engineer one of the saucers. The saucers were said to have three levels and use an antimatter reactor that could create and warp gravity. Two seats inside were small enough for children. Astoundingly, Lazar reported that a stable isotope of Element 115 was the power source. This element wouldn't be discovered by scientists until it was created in 2003. A documentary has been made that centers around Bob Lazar's claims, and he has appeared on podcasts with Joe Rogan.


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