Donald E. Keyhoe

Marine Corps Naval Aviator
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A Marine Corps Naval aviator who wrote multiple articles about UFOs and believed they were interplanetary objects that the U.S. government needed to take seriously and be transparent with the public.

Donald E. Keyhoe wrote many articles and books regarding UFOs and how the government was hiding its knowledge. As a former Naval aviator with the US Marine Corps, Keyhoe was convinced that the reported sightings' speeds, maneuvers, and technology were far superior to any developed countries and therefore must be interplanetary.

In 1949 and 1950, he released an article and a book titled "Flying Saucers Are Real." Keyhoe speculated that aliens had been watching humans for at least two hundred years and began to more closely supervise Earth with the detonation of the atomic bomb. Over the years, his writings began to increasingly focus on supposed government cover ups and lack of transparency with the public.

Keyhoe became a cofounder of NICAP, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. This group included notable scientists, military personnel as well as other professionals on its board of directors. "The UFO Investigator" became a newsletter aimed at monthly publications by NICAP.


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