Sydney, New South Wales, Australia UFO

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia UFO

This is the email message sent to "El Disco," a web UFO picture collection, regarding the picture: Subject: An Unforgettable UFO Sighting in Sydney, Australia Dear Sir/Madam, After seeing the attached picture (from your site), I feel compelled to share a remarkable story. I assure you I'm not prone to wild tales, but I encountered something quite similar two summers ago while in Oz. It was a sunny day, around 2:30 PM, with a clear sky. My flat-mate and I were simply basking in the sun in Sydney when this peculiar object emerged from behind the only cloud in sight. I was wearing Ray-Bans to shield my eyes from the intense sunlight, which gave my view a deep purple tint. Then, out of nowhere, there was a flash – much like a camera's flash, but this occurred miles above us. I watched in awe for about two minutes as it traced an enormous 'Z' path in the sky. I know it sounds like a common or clich├ęd UFO story, but the object's speed was beyond belief. It moved faster than I could follow with my eyes, even through my shades. After this initial display, it lingered in the sky, roughly miles above, tracing a circular path for another three minutes. Then, I lost sight of it. Throughout this time, it had been a bright light in the midday sun. I took off my shades to ensure I hadn't been observing a chip in my Ray-Ban lenses for the past ten minutes. I concluded it might have been a satellite's reflection, with the sun playing tricks on my imagination and my eyes. But then, it happened. The object flashed in the sun's reflection and accelerated across the sky at a staggering speed, coming to an abrupt stop, accompanied by a faint popping sound. At this point, it was about 20 degrees above me (I was on a hill enjoying the breeze), roughly 150 feet above, hovering at a distance of about a cricket field away (my estimate based on the shadow it cast on the surrounding field). It appeared to be about the size of my thumbnail. I won't bother describing the craft since it's a near-perfect match (99% sure) to the attached photo. It hovered in that spot for approximately 20 seconds before very slowly shifting to a position around 2 o'clock from 12 o'clock in my field of vision for another 10 seconds. Just as I blinked, it began to ascend and move away. In the time it took my eyes to refocus, it had nearly vanished into the sky. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not one to spin fanciful yarns, and I indeed witnessed this remarkable event. To corroborate my account, my flat-mate also saw the exact same thing. I hope I haven't taken up too much of your time, but I do have a tendency to get carried away. Sincerely, Robin S. Phillips, [email protected]

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