Parviz Jafari

Imperial Iranian Air Force Pilot
Source: Facebook

Pilot with the Imperial Iranian Air Force witnessed and pursued a UFO in Tehran in 1976.

Major Parviz Jafari was sent to pilot a second F-4 Phantom to investigate a glowing UFO above Tehran. The object had been observed by civilians and military alike.

As he first approached the unidentified craft, it would speed away or appear to "jump" positions. The object was said to be constantly changing shapes and Jafari reported it as "flashing with intense red, green, orange and blue lights so bright that I was not able to see its body." As Jafari came closer to the UAP, he was "startled by a round object which came out of the primary object and started coming straight toward me at a high rate of speed, almost as if it were a missile."

When he went to fire at the bright light, his control panel shut down, losing all of the instruments and radio. The light then turned back and merged again with the primary one. At this point, he headed back to air traffic control and was told to approach the object again. This time, he witnessed another bright light emit from the craft and speed towards the ground before suddenly slowing down and landing softly.

The light was so intense that it appeared to look like daytime. While approaching the main object for a second time, the navigational panel shut down again, and when he was told to fire on the UFO, his firing control panel died as well. Running low on fuel, Jafari turned back to Mehrabad. During his descent, Jafari and tower operators observed an oblong object fly past with bright flashing lights.

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