Skinwalkers at the Pentagon

By James Lacatski, Colm Kelleher & George Knapp
Skinwalkers at the Pentagon

Examined the US government's AAWSAP into unexplained phenomena related to Skinwalker Ranch and UFOs as well as military personnel's reports of frightening paranormal events that followed them home after these encounters.

"Skinwalkers at the Pentagon," written by James Lacatski, Colm Kelleher, and George Knapp, was published in 2021. The book revealed the US government's Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program investigation into the UFO phenomenon that went on for two years. Some of these events included what has become known as the "Tic Tac" incident, strange occurrences on Skinwalker Ranch, and military base breaches. Many military personnel who encountered anomalies on the ranch reported unusual phenomena seemingly attaching to themselves and causing alarming paranormal events in their own homes.

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