Waikiki, Hawaii UFO

Waikiki, Hawaii UFO

Behold one of the most awe-inspiring UFO photographs ever taken by Joseph Sigel from Bellevue, Washington, on June 18, 1959, against the backdrop of the stunning Waikiki, Hawaii. Remarkably, this momentous event occurred on the same day as the Blue Book's "unknown" case 6400 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The original photograph boasts vivid colors, capturing a saucer-like object with a rounded top and a captivating array of twinkling lights at its base, creating a striking window-like effect. Sent to the Project Blue Book team for analysis, it was initially deemed sun glare on the camera lens, despite the shoreline's shadows suggesting the sun was behind the camera. Nonetheless, this remarkable photograph found its way into the discourse at the UFO symposium during the Congressional Hearings of 1968, where Dr. Robert N. Sheppard noted potential resemblances with other UFO images.

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