Riverside, California UFO

Riverside, California UFO

Guy B. Marquand, Jr., the photographer of this image taken on a mountain road near here, initially claimed the object above the skyline to be a "flying saucer." According to Marquand, he and two friends witnessed the object passing by at an exceptionally high speed, prompting him to capture it with his camera. Additional information from UFOs at Close Sight website: Guy B. Marquand, Jr. from Riverside, California, initially presented this as a genuine UFO photograph on November 23, 1951. However, during an interview with the Air Force on March 24, 1952, Marquand confessed that the entire incident was a hoax. He revealed that it had begun as a prank but spiraled out of control when the media became involved. In reality, the object in the photograph turned out to be a tire cover from a 1937 Ford. Interestingly, this staged photograph resurfaced decades later in Colonel Philip Corso's controversial Roswell fantasy book as the first in a series of purportedly true UFO images.

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