Lake St. Clair, Michigan UFO

Lake St. Clair, Michigan UFO

On January 9, 1967, teenage brothers Dan and Grant Jaroslaw captured astonishing images of a domed object with a tower-like structure over Lake St. Clair, Michigan, just a mile from Selfridge Air Force Base. This low-flying object, potentially too low for radar detection, remained visible for approximately 10 minutes, allowing the boys to document it with a Polaroid camera. When they shared the photos with a wire service, the Air Force requested the originals for analysis. The brothers, cautious about lending their original prints, stored them securely in a bank vault but provided a set of copies to the UFO officer at Selfridge, who called them 'the best I've ever seen.' Despite this, Project Blue Book labeled the case 'insufficient data' due to the withholding of the originals, though Dr. Hynek found the chance of a hoax unlikely.

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