Indianapolis, Indiana UFO

Indianapolis, Indiana UFO

On March 10, 1977, at 03:30 p.m., young Ricky Brandenburg was on his front porch while his mother chatted with a neighbor. His attention was drawn to an unusual sight in the sky near a two-story house at the far end of his street. What he initially mistook for an airplane or helicopter turned out to be something quite extraordinary. Rushing to grab a camera, he captured five rapid snapshots as the object swiftly traversed his field of view. Thinking the spectacle had ended, Ricky shared the story with his mother. However, he suddenly realized the object might still be visible from the backyard. Hurrying through the house, he spotted it once more, much closer this time. Ricky managed to take three additional photographs before the object circled the house again. In a dash, he returned to the front yard and saw it in time for one final snapshot. The object bobbed a few times and then ascended almost vertically, disappearing from view. Explore this intriguing encounter through Ricky's photographs!

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