Colfax, Wisconsin UFO

Colfax, Wisconsin UFO

In April 1978, police officer Mark Coltrane was patrolling near Colfax, a small town in Wisconsin, USA, with thousands of residents. Around midday, he parked his car in a secluded area to have a meal. He noticed his radio emitting strange crackling sounds. Suddenly, he observed a metallic disc ascending into the sky not far from his location. As the object appeared to approach him, Coltrane grabbed his Polaroid camera, exited the vehicle, and took several photographs. One of the images even captured the object in such detail that its lower surface features were visible. The entire encounter lasted only a few minutes before the object rapidly accelerated and disappeared into the distance. Mark Coltrane, astounded by what he had witnessed, remained in awe for two hours, initially hesitant to share his experience for fear of potential ridicule from superiors when filing his report.

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