Cocoyoc, Morelos, Mexico UFO

Cocoyoc, Morelos, Mexico UFO

On November 3, 1973, at 04:45 P.M., a banker and his family were driving towards Mexico City between Cocoyoc and Caxtepec. They observed a mysterious object in the sky, initially mistaking it for a conventional aircraft. As they approached, it became clear that it was unlike any known flying object. The banker took photographs of the object as it appeared to land nearby. The family observed peculiar features, such as appendages resembling tentacles. Their encounter left them in shock as local children also approached the object. They hurriedly left the area and did not take pictures of the object on the ground. Later, the family developed the photos and stored them without publicizing the event. In 1977, a friend of the family informed UFO researchers, leading to further analysis of the photographs by experts. The family chose to remain anonymous and received no benefits for sharing their extraordinary experience, which only became widely known by chance. (Note: This text is a detailed summary of the provided information.)

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