Lubbock, Texas UFO

Lubbock, Texas UFO

Excerpts from Reports on Unexplained Aerial Phenomena: -In these reports, several Texas Technical College professors were gathered in a backyard, initially watching for meteors. They observed a group of lights moving from north to south, resembling bright stars but with larger areas. Although their altitude couldn't be determined, the lights moved swiftly in a nearly perfect semi-circular pattern, consisting of 20 to 30 individual lights. This event was witnessed by at least 100 people in Lubbock, and approximately 12 similar flights occurred over three weeks. -On August 31, 1951, a college freshman witnessed another flight of objects passing over his home around 11:30 PM. Two more flights were reported on the same evening, and they were also photographed. -Some observations noted a wiggling motion in the lights. During one flight on September 2, 1951, at 12:17 AM, a group of individuals observed an irregularly shaped yellow light in the rear. The lights appeared in an arc formation, pulsating as they moved noiselessly. They had a violent agitation, resembling separate yellow flames. Each light had an angular magnitude equivalent to 12 inches across at a distance of 30 or 40 feet. -Notably, there was no associated sound with the objects. The lights exhibited a blue-green color, with 15 to 30 separate lights in each formation. The initial flights featured a semi-circular arrangement, but subsequent flights lacked order. The objects appeared and disappeared abruptly, maintaining a consistent size and angular span of approximately 10 degrees. -A particular observation mentioned a diffuse dark area with "violently agitated" yellow flames at the rear. -Regarding the captured photographs, relative movement within the formation of spots suggested that they weren't stationary lights on a single object. The objects' estimated size, based on the image, was approximately 310 feet, seen from a mile away. The formation's actual size could be calculated if the precise distance from the camera were known. Notably, while the images indicated some recession, the formation's aspect didn't correspond to a horizontal V formation traveling at a lower altitude. The objects exhibited an angular velocity of nearly 30 degrees of arc per second, with a predominant north-to-south flight path. Flights occurred at a rate of two to three per evening, with approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes between each sighting. These objects consistently appeared at an angle of around 45 degrees from the horizontal in the north and disappeared at a similar angle in the south.

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