NASA Report on UFOs Due in August According to Chief Administrator

August 1, 2023
NASA Report on UFOs Due in August According to Chief Administrator

NASA Administrator, Bill Nelson, recently confirmed that the agency will release its initial report on UFOs later this month.

While visiting Argentina in July, Nelson spoke to reporters and stated, "I decided as the head of NASA, since there are so many suspicions about aliens, that I would appoint a committee of very distinguished scientists. That committee is deliberating, and they will make their report publicly next month. Now I can tell you in the meantime, until you hear the report, and they will consider using our scientific sensors in space in trying to determine this phenomenon."

On May 31, 2023, NASA held a public meeting in Washington D.C. to discuss its plans to investigate the UFO phenomenon. During this meeting, a 16-member UAP Study Team, consisting largely of outside academics, began laying the groundwork for future research. Members openly discussed questions about UFOs and debated how to approach the subject scientifically. The forum was led by Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, the director of the Pentagon's UFO office.

Kirkpatrick described unusual encounters with UAPs and presented footage of a "metallic," "spherical orb" recorded by a surveillance drone in the Middle East. Kirkpatrick stated, "this is a typical example of the thing that we see most of. We see these ['metallic orbs'] all over the world, and we see these making very interesting apparent maneuvers."

Much of the data surrounding UFOs remains classified, even to NASA officials. The 16-member team intends to focus on publicly available data for its research and investigation. While NASA's involvement in the matter is a positive development for the UFO disclosure movement, some question the approach that is being taken and worry that incorrect conclusions may be drawn by working with limited data.

Historically, NASA has adopted a rather dismissive stance regarding the topic of UFOs, often pointing to insufficient evidence. Many are hopeful that this is a new era for the agency and that its involvement will lead to more widespread interest in the subject.

Key Takeaways

  • NASA established a 16-member team to begin studying the UFO phenomenon.
  • NASA will release an initial report on the subject in August 2023.
  • The team will rely on publicly available information for its findings.
  • Many are hopeful that NASA's involvement will attract more mainstream interest in the subject.


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