William K. Hartmann

Planetary Scientist & Author
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Planetary scientist and author who was a member of the University of Colorado Condon Committee that investigated UFOs for the US Air Force.

From 1966 to 1968, William K. Hartmann was a member of the U.S. Air Force's Colorado UFO Project, also known as the Condon Committee, and was involved in analyzing photographs of supposed UAPs. Hartmann rejected most of the photos as untrustworthy or lacking in some regard. However, two cases, Great Falls and McMinnville, were noted as possible evidence of real UFOs.

In his Condon report of the McMinnville incident, Hartmann wrote, "This is one of the few UFO reports in which all factors investigated, geometric, psychological, and physical, appear to be consistent with the assertion that an extraordinary flying object, silvery, metallic, disk-shaped, tens of meters in diameter, and evidently artificial, flew within sight of two witnesses." He later withdrew his positive assertion after Sheaffer, a writer and UFO skeptic, examined the photographs and declared them to be fake.

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