Wallace Litwin

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Reporter aboard the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt in September 1952 who photographed images of a UFO that appeared to be following the aircraft carrier.

A commotion among several crewman and pilots aboard the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt alerted Wallace Litwin, news reporter aboard the ship, to take notice of a silver object in the sky. Grabbing his camera, Litman took four color photographs of the round object that he thought at the time was a weather balloon.

While joking about taking a picture of a flying saucer, a ship's officer overheard him and explained that no weather balloons had been discharged. The officer reached out to the only other aircraft in the area that also corroborated there were no unaccounted weather balloons nor had any been released.

Litwin later wrote, "In other words, the skies above this NATO fleet were very carefully observed and nothing flew around overhead unobserved, but I knew that I had taken a picture of what looked like a ping-pong ball 10 feet over my head." The US Navy later took possession of the photographs to review the images.


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