Travis Taylor

Scientist & Engineer
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Scientist, former employee of NASA and Department of Defense, engineer, author, and lead investigator on "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch."

Travis Taylor compiled an extensive resume. He earned a multitude of degrees, including: a BS in electrical engineering, an MS in physics, a PhD in optical science and engineering, an MSE in mechanical and aerospace engineering, an MS in astronomy, and a second PhD in aerospace engineering. He worked for over sixteen years with the US Department of Defense, NASA, and the UAP Task Force. His work also lead him to become the Principal Research Scientist at Radiance Technologies. Furthermore, Taylor wrote twenty-one science fiction books, two textbooks, and multiple technical papers. Documentaries such as "When Aliens Attack" and NASA's Unexplained Files had him on the show. He became the lead investigator in History Channel's "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch."

Dr. Taylor's role on "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" was to investigate the unusual happenings using hard science. He was surprised to find many occurences on the ranch that he was unable to explain. "Name almost every phenomenon you associate with UFOs, and I experienced it. There are even fourteen seconds of my life that are missing. And cameras missed it. The cameras were always on me and they blacked out. I remember things happening that nobody else was able to verify. The whole experience was strange," Taylor attested about his time investigating at the ranch. "I don't like the term 'paranormal," Taylor asserted. "Paranormal suggests something that can't be explained without supernatural explanations. And I think eventually someday we'll be able to explain what's going on in Skinwalker Ranch, even if it turns out to be from another universe or another dimension or something from outer space or just some natural weird phenomena that Mother Nature is surprising us with."

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