Terry Sherman

Source: Fandom

Owned Skinwalker Ranch from 1994 to 1996.

Terry Sherman purchased Skinwalker Ranch, with his wife Gwen, in 1994. They purchased the property from Kenneth and Edith Meyers, who owned the property for over 60 years. Terry and Gwen had long dreamed of owning a ranch in a remote area where they could be left alone to raise their prized cattle and focus on their private family life.

The Shermans claimed they experienced a rash of unexplainable incidents on the ranch from 1994 to 1996, including cattle mutilations, the odd disappearance of at least three dogs, orange and blue orbs, UFO sightings, encounters with odd creatures, interdimensional portals and more. Due to these often frightening anomalous experiences and the financial hardship from the lost of cattle, the Shermans sold the ranch to a Robert Bigelow real estate group in 1996.

Terry and Gwen purchased another ranch within 50 miles of Skinwalker Ranch, but Terry agreed to assist Bigelow's National Institute for Discovery Sciences (NIDS) scientific study group with investigate the odd phenomena on the property. Terry helped manage the property and called the NIDS team when odd activity was witnessed.

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