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Antonio Urzi and his friend captured multiple videos of a UFO from his apartment window in Milan.
Antonio Urzi and his friend captured multiple videos of a UFO from his apartment window in Milan.

Since 2000, Antonio Urzi has taken more than 1700 videos of objects in the sky outside of his Milan apartment. Some people think the videos are a hoax, produced by placing a button on clear glass or a skylight, and using a shaky camera to reproduce a highly zoomed-in camcorder.

Urzi claims that he started seeing UFOs when he was growing up in Tuscany, and didn't think to film them when he was young. He said that when he moved to Milan around 2000, he started to see UFOs from his attic apartment. Since 2003, he has taken videos of what he claims are UFOs flying in the sky above him.

Jaime Maussan visited him, interviewed him and his friends and family, and investigated his claims. Maussan claimed that he appeared to be authentic, and that he has never asked for monetary compensation for his footage or interviews with the press.

Many people have asserted, on public websites[3], YouTube, Reddit and blogs, that Urzi's videos are an easily explainable hoax. They claim that he produced the illusions of a UFO by placing metallic buttons on a clear plastic or glass surface above his skylight, or by hanging them with thin monofilament from the superstructure of his open skylight. They have also expressed skepticism that Urzi would be able to document so many UFOs from his apartment, with no other humans witnessing and recording the same objects from other local vantage points.


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Videos shot from inside an apartment.

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