Shane Ryan

Teacher & Westall UFO Research
Source: 9 News AU

Investigated the Westall UFO sighting for 14 years and interviewed witnesses for the documentary, "Westall '66, a Suburban UFO Mystery".

Shane Ryan, researcher and investigator, spent more than a decade looking into the Westall sighting and trying to uncover the truth. He interviewed more than 100 primary witnesses from that day in 1966. In the documentary, "Westall '66, a Suburban UFO Mystery," Ryan put his sleuthing skills to the test. Ryan believed that some people feared being ridiculed and were reluctant to speak about what they observed. He said, "But I think the more that gets spoken about and the more that gets aired in public I think the more those barriers will break down. So, through films and articles in the media it gets the word out I think and people who had some involvement and connection ... they see this and they make contact."

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