De-classified video shows a radar from an F-18 locked in on a UFO.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt--among the US Navy's largest nuclear-powered aircraft carriers--has been involved in numerous purported UFO sightings while operating in waters off the east coast of the US. Reports of UFO sightings on the ship became increasingly common starting in mid-2014. A substantial quantity of Navy F-18's were retrofit with advanced Raytheon APG-79 radar systems in early 2014; the uptick in reported sightings on the USS Theodore Roosevelt immediately followed the deployment of this new technology. The objects were typically spherical in shape and described as "partially transparent sphere with a cube inside." According to Ryan Graves, a former US Navy F-18 pilot, the sightings were a daily occurrence. One such sighting from 2015 was caught on radar and de-classified in 2017 and is known as the Go Fast video. It shows an object in flight moving at an uncanny rate of speed while the radar-observing pilots yelp in excitement at the spectacle they were witnessing.


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