Nick Pope

British Journalist & Civil Servant

Investigated UFOs for the Ministry of Defense, author, journalist, and commentator.

Author, journalist and TV personality Nick Pope was a civilian employee of the UK Ministry of Defense for 21 years. His final posting was as an acting deputy director in the Directorate of Defense Security. For much of the early Nineties he was posted to a division where his responsibilities included researching and investigating the UFO phenomenon, to assess the defense, national security and safety of flight implications. This led the media to call him "the real Fox Mulder". More recently, Nick was involved in a program to declassify and release most of the UK government's files and documents on UFOs - many of which he wrote!

Because of his government work and his level-headed views, Nick is often the media's go-to person for stories about UFOs. He's written an op-ed on the subject for The New York Times, created and hosts After Contact, co-hosted The Basement Office, and is one of the leading contributors on Ancient Aliens. He was a regular guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight, is a regular contributor on NewsNation, and moderates Ancient Aliens Live - a traveling stage show based on the hit TV series.

Nick is regularly called on by Hollywood to act as consultant or spokesperson on alien and UFO-themed movies, TV shows and video games, including The X-Files, War of the Worlds, and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Nick has written six bestselling books. His nonfiction titles are Open Skies Closed Minds, The Uninvited, and Encounter in Rendlesham Forest. His works of fiction are Operation Thunder Child, Operation Lightning Strike, and Blood Brothers.

Nick Pope lives in the US, and is currently a resident of New York City.


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