Jean Jacques Velasco

Senior Optical Technician & Ufologist
Source: imdb

Initially skeptical about UFOs, former GEIPAN Director gradually transformed into an advocate of the extraterrestrial hypothesis for explaining the UFO phenomenon.

French Ufologist Jean-Jacques Velasco was a former director of the Groupe d'Études et d'Informations sur les Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non-identifiés (GEIPAN) organization. GEIPAN is a unit of the French space agency, CNES, responsible for investigating and analyzing unidentified aerospace phenomena.

Prior to his work for GEIPAN Velasco had a background in engineering and worked on various aerospace projects. Initially skeptical about the UFO phenomenon, he gradually became an advocate of the extraterrestrial hypothesis as a potential explanation for some UFO sightings after conducting thorough investigations and collecting numerous testimonies. He has authored books on the subject and remains an influential figure in the field of UFO research.


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